BroadWay Prototype Development Begins

The 6th July 2020 marks the start of the Solution Prototype Phase (Phase 2) of the BroadWay PCP, with the signing of contracts by Astrid SA, the Lead Procurer of the BroadWay PCP and three successful consortia.

The three consortia are led by Airbus DS, Frequentis AG and Leonardo S.p.A. A total of 32 European companies are participating, including key mobile and satellite operators: PrioCom, Telefonica, Eutelsat, Proximus, T-Mobile, Telespazio and Vodaphone. Many SMEs are providing knowledge, innovative and expert security as well test and application skills.

For Phase 2, each consortium has been awarded €1.4M approximately and their aim is to develop BroadWay prototypes over the next 10 months, including an initial demonstration to the BroadWay Group of Procurers in November 2020. The final BroadWay prototypes will be tested and evaluated in Spring 2021. A subsequent competition will then be held to award a further €1.5M to each of the two remaining consortia, which will be tasked with deploying final TRL8 pilot systems by Spring 2022 for the third and final phase of the project (Pilot Phase).

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