Success of the third PSCE Webinar on the challenges to managing COVID-19 for European PPDR Organisations

The webinar Managing COVID-19: What were the challenges for European PPDR organisations? succesfuly took place on 30 June 2020.

The Webinar offered three perspectives on the challenges encountered by PPDR organisations to manage the COVID-19 Crisis. Koen De Budt (Crisis Centre Belgium) discussed how Public Warning Systems can be used to support crisis communications in the midst of a pandemic. Fernando Conde (Madrid 112) explained the multiple challenges faced by the Madrid 112 centre to manage the pandemic, namely the resulting communication overload. Finally, Theo Lingens discussed the logistics challenges on the ground, namely with regards to ensuring the transport and delivery of medical equipment. More than 120 participants registered to this webinar from Europe and beyond, and from various backgrounds.

The presentations as well as the recording of the webinar are available on this page.