PSCE contributes to two newly published CWA standards

Two Cen Workshop Agreement (CWA) to which PSCE has actively contributed, have been officially published. 

 On the one hand, the CWA Systematic assessment of innovative solutions for crisis management - Trial guidance methodology, based on the results of the DRIVER+ project, defines a methodology that enables a systematic assessment of one or more sociotechnical solutions (hardware, software, training, procedure, or a mix of those) within a realistic crisis management scenario. The target group of the CWA are crisis management practitioners concerned with innovation or procurement, public authorities concerned with procurement (or writing tenders), as well as research and development departments in industry and research.

On the other hand, was published the CWA Crisis and disaster management – Semantic and syntactic interoperability,  based
on the results of the DRIVER+ and EPISECC projects, defines requirements on how to achieve organizational and cross border interoperability on semantic and syntactic level for crisis and disaster management.

More information about PSCE involvement in standardisation is available on this page.