Managing COVID 19: What were the challenges encountered by European PPDR organisations? (PSCE Webinar)

There is no doubt that the spread of COVID-19 constituted a great challenge for PPDR organisations and first responders across Europe. From public alerting  and emergency call centers (112) to logistics and ground operations, this unprecedented crisis required PPDR organisations to quickly adapt in order to safeguard the lives of European citizens. This PSCE Webinar will offer three perspectives (Belgium, Spain and Germany) regarding the challenges encountered by European PPDR organisations in managing the pandemic. The Webinar will take place on 30 June at 11am CEST (Duration 1 hour)

11.00 Introduction by PSCE (Marie-Christine Bonnamour)

11.05 How Public Warning Systems can support crisis communication: The use case of BE-Alert in the COVID-19 communication (Koen De Budt,  Crisis Center Belgium)

11.20 How to manage information overload in emergency centres: the perspective of Madrid 112 (Fernando Conde, 112 Madrid Center)

11.35 Logistics and other Challenges – Experiences made by THW during the COVID-19 Situation (Theo Lingens, THW Germany)

11.50 Q&A

The WEBINAR is free of charge and will take place on WEBEX. You will be provided with the link once you register. If you encounter issues registering via googleforms, you may register by contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.