PSCE Activity Report 2019

We are happy to inform you that the PSCE activity report for the year 2019 is now available.

2019 has proved to be another extremely important and challenging year. PSCE’s commitment in promoting practitioners’ needs as well as its involvement in policy-making processes at EU level throughout the year shows that PSCE is and will remain recognised as one of the major actors in public safety communications in Europe.
The Board Members did their best to bring PSCE’s leverage and expertise to a new level with the support from the Brussels Secretariat.

Overall, the year of 2019 opened the way for greater improvement in the digital realm such as broadband (with the project BroadWay) and 5G. On the other hand and naturally related, PSCE has also worked extensively on improving capabilities when it comes to connectivity with a special focus on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Public Warning Systems, Drones and Training. All of these aspects aim at improving capabilities in the field of PPDR.

PSCE has also produced significant work in the field of standardisation to ensure that the procedures and guidelines established by the crisis response community will be properly recognised and certified. As such, PSCE has become member of ETSI with 3GPP membership rights, participated in the organisation of 3 CEN Workshop agreements and is also a market representative of 3GPP.

Finally, PSCE commits to pursue responsible innovation putting ethics, data protection and social impact assessments at the heart of its work.

Download the report here