Success of the PSCE Conference in Paris: from Crisis Management, to Broadband Communications to Space Applications

On the 4th and 5th of December 2019, PSCE’s bi-annual conference took place with great success in Paris, which was co-organised with the French Ministry of Interior. The event was preceded by parallel workshops on Public Warning Systems and on Mobilising Video for Public Preparedness and Disaster Response (PPDR).


The scale of crises as well as their frequency seems to be increasing and the resulting consequences are becoming more and more dramatic. All actors involved in such crises, from public authorities to solution providers, are concerned and constantly seek to better prevent and minimize their impact. Many of these actors attended the PSCE conference and contributed to this important conversation.

During the course of the conference, some of the most topical issues were addressed in public safety communications including: the use of drones in Crisis Management, Broadband Communications: current status, Space Systems and Applications for Safety and Security and finally, Managing Information Overload in Situational Awareness Context.

The debates triggered by the topics at PSCE Conference will certainly contribute to improving the efficiency of public safety operations and PSCE is happy to be part of this drive.

The conference provided the ideal platform to learn more on strategies developed by different national or international authorities and on technology solutions provided by research as well as industry.  During the panel sessions, fruitful exchange complemented the presentations and provided further information. The conference also featured an exhibition area where solution providers and projects showed their work and achievements.

Overall the event brought together around 140 participants from 18 countries including public safety practitioners, policymakers, academic researchers and industrial experts. Representatives from European Organisations and Institutions also contributed to the discussions.

All conference documents have been made available to conference participants and to PSCE Institutional Members. A report will be issued later.