Third successful European workshop on Public Warning Systems

The French Ministry of Interior kindly hosted our third in the series of workshops for 2019, this time in Paris on 3 December.  Once again, operational practitioners, project leads and some of the world’s leading technology suppliers came together to collaborate on the successful design to delivery of an effective Public Warning System (PWS).  Our workshop programme objective is now widely recognised for its help to EU and EEA Member States with Getting it right first time.  We want to see everyone enjoy the safety benefits from implementing Article 110, European Electronic Communications Code by June 2022.


This latest workshop offered practitioner-led guidance on the two critical factors for successful implementation:

  1. Operational Readiness (of the PWS User-Authorities and Emergency Services), and
  2. Community Education and Preparation (to inform the public – citizens and international visitors alike – about the PWS and what to do on receipt of an alert).

These complement the first two workshops that were also facilitated by Michael Hallowes, who provided his hands-on leadership experience in developing the:

  • Overriding Design Principles
  • Operational and Functional Requirements, and
  • Governance, Policy, Regulation, Standards and Funding Options.

We are very grateful to our other presenters for this third workshop, who generously offered operational insights from the successful implementation of their national PWS:

  • Koen De Bundt, Project Manager, BE-Alert, Belgium
  • Raed Arafat, Secretary of State, Head of the Department for Emergency Situations - Ministry of Internal Affairs, RO-Alert, Romania
  • Tudor-Gabriel Adridan, Special Telecommunications Service, Romania
  • Tomas Gislason, Deputy Director, 112-is, Iceland

“I have had the benefit of attending all three workshops.  They’ve provided unrivalled, operationally based, practical guidance on the pathway to successful implementation of a national Public Warning System and, most importantly, getting it right first time.  It’s been very useful to meet colleagues from other countries to share ideas and test our thinking with leading technology suppliers.”  Helge Asperheim, Norwegian Directorate for Civil Protection.

“I’ve been on this journey from the start and participated in every workshop.  It’s been really great.  I now have all the information to help influence our approach in Bavaria and, potentially, the whole of Germany.  I look forward to refining this with the help of further workshops in 2020.”  Christoph Fischer, Bavarian Red Cross, Germany

Warning the population saves lives!  There is no time to lose for the June 2022 deadline.  Join us and get all the benefits from collaborating for success by Getting it right first time

We will be running more workshops in 2020 for national project teams, as well as regionally and EU-wide, as requested. 

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