Workshops during PSCE Conference in Lancaster: IN-PREP and HEIDMALL

During our upcoming Conference in Lancaster (4-6 June), PSCE is pleased to announce the presentation of two EU-funded projects in our dedicated Workshops: IN-PREP and HEIDMALL. These workshops will be held on June 4.

Both projects are in the realm of disaster management, public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) and are intended to provide guidance and knowledge to first responders.

The project IN-PREP aims to improve collaborative response planning between the different stakeholders. The project addresses the lack of training capabilities and insufficient links in transboundary crises management. The IN-PREP system is a collaborative training platform made up of three elements:

  • A novel IT training platform called the Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform MRPP
  • Training modules that test coordination between agencies and their plans
  • A Crisis Management handbook which is cross organizational

IN-PREP project is addressed at crisis practitioners and first responders from different agencies to train and plan collaboratively for future crisis events by:

  • Sharing response planning across borders and agencies securely
  • Communicating relevant information in real time
  • Coordinating critical resources

As for the project HEIDMALL, aims at improving preparedness of societies to cope with complex crisis situations by providing a flexible platform for multi-hazard emergency planning and management, which makes use of innovative technologies for the definition of multi-disciplinary scenarios and response plans, providing integrated assets to support emergency management, such as monitoring, modelling, situation and risk assessment, decision support and communication tools. HEIMDALL fosters data and information sharing among the relevant stakeholders, maximises the accuracy of valuable information and improves population awareness.

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