PSCE at the 11th CoU meeting in Brussels

During the 11th meeting of the community of users on secure, safe and resilient societies, a dedicated workshop was held on the 5th of June focusing on information exchange and interoperability. The session was divided into four parts: science to science, policy to policy, Research and Innovation to market and Interactions with practitioners.

During the “Interaction with practitioners” part, Marie-Christine Bonnamour, Secretary General of PSCE, introduced the results of different research projects that focus on developing solutions for first responders and improving the information exchange and the interoperability. She provided feed-back and experiences on the conditions to meet for implementing a common information space (EPISECC). She presented as well the remarkable process of BroadMap, a practitioner led definition of requirements for mobile broadband communications project paving the way to BroadWay, a pre-commercial procurement project gathering 11 national Public Safety authorities to enable a pan-European broadband mobile system for PPDR, validated by sustainable test and evaluation capabilities.