New PSCE Members - StreamWIDE & Swissphone

We are delighted to welcome StreamWIDE and SWISSPHONE as new institutional members.

StreamWIDE is An established leader for Value Added Telecommunication Services, StreamWIDE assists operators and service providers worldwide in shaping their services innovation. StreamWIDE Next Generation software technology enables legacy system replacement, as well as innovative service launches in the areas of IP mobile messaging, Call Completion, convergence management, virtual numbers and social telephony, convergent charging, conferencing, virtual contact center solutions, call control and routing.

Swissphone is a leading European provider of alerting and communication solutions for public safety organisations. Founded in 1969, the family owned company has set the standard since in alerting and critical messaging. 250 employees throughout Europe and the US develop, produce and deploy POCSAG networks and pagers, as well as software solutions for resource management and critical messaging. Swissphone has built 300+ networks worldwide, offering the lowest Total Cost of Ownership compared to other alerting technologies.