Success of the Standardization Workshop

In the framework of the EPISECC Project, PSCE organized a workshop on standardization which took place on 3 May 2017 in the premises of the German Red Cross in Munich.

The workshop was the occasion to discuss about the challenges related to standardization, and more specifically, to stress the importance for EU projects to enter into standardization paths as early as possible in order to bring innovation to the market. The event gathered a variety of stakeholders including the European Commission (DG HOME), standardization bodies (ETSI, CEN-CENELEC, 3GPP) the industry (MOTOROLA, HUAWEI, AIRBUS) as well as EU projects(EPISECC, BroadMap, EMYNOS). Overall, the workshop constituted an outstanding opportunity to exchange lessons learnt on the pitfalls related to standardization, to identify and evaluate the various tools offered by standardisation bodies and to define recommendations for EU Projects

Click here to access the agenda.

Please note that all other documents related to the workshop, including all presentations & the list of participants are made available to PSCE members on the registered section of the website.