PSCE Input to H2020 Work Programmes 2018 - 2020

For many years PSCE has successfully participated in the Seventh European Research Framework Programme as well as in its ‘successor ‘Horizon 2020.

PSCE intends to continue this commitment and is, therefore, intensively involved in the discussion towards the final structure of the Horizon 2020 Work Programmes 2018-2020.

To be able to propose well thought out topics for the next Work Programme of Horizon 2020, PSCE consulted its members and collected feedback from its’ three communities. Four topics emerged:

  1. European Future First Responder: “Wearables for the First Responder” (Innovation Action)
  2. Ethical, Legal and Socially Acceptable Networked Information Exchange for PPDR
  3. Procedure for the validation of apps for PPDR users Optimized emergency response systems and protocols. “PPDR-Apps” (Coordination and support action)
  4. Addressing lengthy and time-consuming complexities related to standardisation procedures.

All of them are further elaborated in the official position paper available here.