New PSCE Website Officially Launched

Throughout the past months, PSCE has been busily working on a new website, which would be more modern, up-to-date and user-friendly. As you will see when exploring the new website, the differences between the old PSCE website and the new are quite great. Not only is the new version sleeker and easier to orientate, it also introduces several new features, which we hope our visitors will enjoy.

First and foremost, PSCE has developed an electronic library, which includes PSCE White Papers, Newsletter Headlines, and Policy papers. Several other types of information, including conference materials, full-length newsletters, PSCE General Assembly documents, and PSCE reference documents, will be available under the website restricted area, accessible only to PSCE members. A large amount of documents are already available in the Library, and it will continue to be populated. The powerful search function of the Library will help visitors find the needed information quickly.

The PSCE website has now also been synced with the PSCE Twitter and Facebook profiles, to enable higher interaction. If you do not already follow us on social media, we urge you to do so. We can be found on Twitter @psc_e and our Facebook profile is accessible here.

Work on the new PSCE website has not stopped yet. We will continue to look out for inconsistencies and would highly appreciate any comments you have. Please send your thoughts to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..