Three PSCE White Papers Already Published and Available in PSCE Website Library

PSCE White Papers aim to present complex public safety communication issues in a concise way. The White Papers take the form of short reports, usually not longer than one page, and can be useful in understanding a common issue, solving a problem, as well as making a decision. The PSCE White Papers can be found in the Library section of the PSCE website.

So far, three White Papers have been published. The most recent one presents the SALUS project ( Enterprise Architecture (EA) and reflects on the Use Case scenarios related to City Security, Temporary Protection, and Disaster Recovery. The SALUS project aims to improve future PPDR networks through the use of the EA concept, which has already been used in several complex domains, including defence.

The second PSCE White Paper, published in late January 2016, explained the nuances of ultra-broadband PMR and LTE technologies. It claims that, although LTE demands a complex technical, operational, and business evolution, it is able to support mission-critical operations securely and cost-effectively. Moreover, a variety of proven roadmaps exist to help ensure a smooth migration to LTE that leverages existing infrastructure and investments and adapts to local constraints.

The very first PSCE White Paper presented the results of the EU-funded project CRISMA, which aimed to improve crisis management capabilities by providing better possibilities for crisis modelling. CRISMA in particular observed crisis scenarios, which typically have multiple effects on society and require the integration of expertise from multiple sectors.

PSCE Members are welcome to suggest topics that they would like PSCE to work on and develop White Papers on. Members will be regularly invited to present their work in the PSCE White Papers.