London’s MPS Issues Call for Tenders on Network Services

A call for tenders has been launched to find a supplier of network services for London’s Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). The public sector networking association Innopsis has been put in charge of the procurement process.

The tender is structured in two separate parts. The first concerns wide and local area networks, telephony and inter-network gateways, whereas the second part addresses the provision and management of a call routing system to support all calls to the Police Service. Depending on the quality of responses, it is possible that one contract will be awarded for both parts. Alternatively, two contracts, one for each part, will be given.

Altogether the contracts will be worth up to £240m across a five year period. However, this can be subject to change, depending on the growth of bandwidth use during that time. The call for tenders will be open until 16th October 2015. Invitations to move forward are expected to come by mid-December.

This procurement forms part of the MPS Total Technology Strategy, which aims to ensure that the MPS systems and processes are supported by an infrastructure that is modern, agile, robust, and scalable.