New EPISECC Project Website Launched

The EPISECC project, launched in June 2014, aims to develop a common “European Information Space”, which would ultimately become the key element in a future integrated pan-European crisis and disaster response capacity. One of the main purposes of the EPISECC approach is improving interoperability at all levels and, as such, the project focuses on establishing interoperability at both physical (network) and syntactical (automated information exchange) level.

This summer much work went into remodelling the EPISECC project website. The new version is currently up and running and accessible at The new website is more user-friendly and visually appealing than before. Website visitors have all the main information about the project at their fingertips, including an entirely new “Results” section, which presents the EPISECC publications, presentations, and public deliverables. The new version of the website also includes an embedded Twitter feed and direct links to the EPISECC social media, making it much easier to follow the EPISECC project as it develops. Last but not least, the new project website also provides more information about the EPISECC work plan and methodology.

The role of PSCE in the EPISECC project is linked to identifying user needs. Due to its broad membership base, which includes end-users, research institutes and industrial stakeholders, PSCE has been tasked with obtaining the feedback of these groups on issues relevant to the project. PSCE will also assist in disseminating the results of the EPISECC project.