Three New Consultations Launched on Spectrum-Related Topics

The Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) of the European Commission has launched three new public consultations on various topics related to the harmonisation of spectrum and the EU policy on spectrum. Submissions to all three consultations are welcome until 21st December 2015.

The first consultation concerns the report prepared by the Radio Spectrum Policy Group, which focuses on examining the issue of efficient awards and efficient use of spectrum bands harmonised for Electronic Communications Services. The report aims to highlight the best practices on spectrum award approaches with a view to promoting efficient use of spectrum. Auctions, in particular, are highlighted as an important tool in ensuring efficient use of spectrum. The full text of the report under consultation can be accessed here.

The second consultation is on the Draft RSPG Opinion on the implementation of the current Radio Spectrum Policy Programme and its revision for the next period. The Policy Programme focuses on strategic policy issues related to harmonisation of the use of spectrum to ensure the functioning of the internal market in the European Union policy areas involving the use of spectrum, and sets out the objectives for the strategic planning and harmonisation of the use of spectrum. The full text of the draft opinion is available here.

Last but not least, a consultation has also been launched on the updated RSPG Work Programme for 2016 and beyond. According to the new work programme, in the next few years the RSPG will focus its activities on the Digital Single Market, in particular as regards the Telecoms Regulatory Framework issues, 5G technologies and spectrum related aspects, the Internet of Things, WRC-19 preparation, and assisting in bilateral negotiations between EU countries. The reasons behind why these topics were chosen are explained in the updated work programme, available here.