BroadWay presentation @ BAPCO2018 event

 Today March 21st, David Lund, accompanied by PSCE President Manfred Blaha, presented "BroadMap to BroadWay", the road towards a Pan-European Interoperable Public Safety Communications Network at the BAPCO 2018 annual event taking place 20-21 March in Coventry, UK.

European Civil Protection Forum 2018

The European Civil Protection Forum 2018 was held on 5 and 6 March at the European Commission’s premises. During the Forum’s two days practitioners, academics, local and national governments, EU institutions, NGOs and other stakeholders were represented and engaged in fruitful and productive discussions about building shared resilience mechanisms, exchanging experiences and learning from past events. PSCE attended the Forum, where several projects – including DRIVER+ - were also on display, and covered a wide range of discussions which will be featured in our next newsletter.

More information and livestreams of the discussions can be found at