PSCE Conference in Lancaster, UK, 4-6 June 2019

 The 20th edition of the PSCE Conference will take place in Lancaster, UK, on 4-6 June 2019, in collaboration with Lancaster University. Two workshops will be collocated to the conference and occur simultaneously on June 4th in the afternoon. One as part of the BroadWay project, the other as part of the IN-PREP and HEIMDALL projects.



  • IN-PREP & HEIMDALL Joint Workshop - 4 June (pm)

    Beyond the technical: legal, political, social, and ethical considerations of transboundary cooperation
    Tuesday 4 June, 13:00-18:15

    Imagine you had the perfect technical tool for planning, training and responding to transboundary crises and disasters - what else would you need to make the technology effective? What kinds of support would you need in terms of ethical guidance, policy recommendations, regulatory frameworks, and organisational standards? In this workshop, hosted by the EU-funded research projects IN-PREP and HEIMDALL, you are invited to explore the broader dynamics of successful support technologies for crisis management.

    More information and registration can be found here:


    IN-PREP draws together experts in the crisis management sector, civil protection agencies, engineering and social sciences to create a novel interactive IT platform that aims to improve collaborative response during crisis operations across Europe through better training and planning. It also aims to increase effectiveness of planning operations through better situational understanding. . IN-PREP will create a training platform capable of exchanging data with different operational systems, called a Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform (MRPP), that includes training modules to facilitate transboundary preparedness and a handbook of transboundary preparedness.


    HEIMDALL is a cooperative multi-hazard management tool which provides data exchange, scenario building and situation assessment functionalities for preparedness and response planning in relation to wildfires, floods and landslides. HEIMDALL addresses the needs of first responders (firefighting units, police departments, medical emergency services, civil protection units and command and control centres) and relevant stakeholders in terms of interoperability, inter-organisational coordination and information sharing.atform capable of exchanging data with different operational systems, called a Mixed Reality Preparedness Platform (MRPP), that includes training modules to facilitate transboundary preparedness and a handbook of transboundary preparedness.

  • BroadWay Tender & Partnering Workshop - 4 June (pm)



    This event is free of charge and intended to allow potential suppliers the opportunity to meet each other and to form their BroadWay tendering teams

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    Workshop Agenda

    1300 Lunch

    1400 Introduction (PSCE)

    1415 How to prepare and submit a BroadWay tender + Q&A on the Request for Tender


    Discussion 1: Architecture / Availability (20mins)
    Discussion 2: Security (20mins)

    1630 – 1645 Coffee


    Discussion 3: Test and Validation / Practitioner Evaluation (20mins)
    Discussion 4: Apps / Devices / Innovation Eco-systems (20mins)

    1730 Close and Networking


    Participants will be assigned a discussion table with the goal to openly discuss the BroadWay Objectives and briefly present your organisation capabilities that are available to address those objectives.

    After each discussion, tables will rotate, and you will meet other people.

    PSCE will coordinate the event but members of the BroadWay team will not take part in the discussion.

    All companies can send 3 slide presentation which will be handed out during the event and promoted on the BroadWay Website.

    Attendees should already be aware of the BroadWay RFT and its Objectives. This will not be briefed again during this event.

    If you can’t make it on the 4th June, please join our webinar on 11th June 1100CEST where will present the materials delivered during the 4th June event – ‘How to prepare and submit a BroadWay tender?’. This will be followed by Q&A.

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20th PSCE Conference (5-6 June)


  • Key Themes

    • IoT for PPDR
    • Flash Flooding
    • Cybersecurity

  • PSCE Conference Agenda

    merge from ofoct 7

  • Special Session - Market Place

    Public Safety Communications Europe (PSCE) will inaugurate its first Market Place for safety and security topics during the Conference in Lancaster, on June 4-6

    Do you have a solution for solving a crisis management problem?
    Do you have ideas and are looking for partners to develop your concept?
    Do you have needs but cannot find solution in the market?

    Come and join us in Lancaster and present your ideas during a collaborative session!

    We envisage the process for our Market Place essentially based on:

    • Calling for PPDR to express their unmet needs, researchers to present ideas and industry showcase their new solutions;
    • Generating new collaborations
    • Leading to White Papers, Business Development and Project Ideas;
    • Identify possible topics for the research open calls.

    The market place is open for ANY topic related to Public Safety Communication. e.g. technical topics like IoT for PPDR and Cyber Security or practical topics like how to handle Flash Flooding  or how to train practitioners for specific situations.

    If you are interested in presenting your new ideas and discuss them with practitioners, researchers and industrial experts, do not hesitate to get in touch. The Market Place will give you the possibility to promote your new innovative solutions or present your problems.

    How does it work?

    • Contact us until 24th of May with your proposals
    • On 29th of May, list of presentations will be finalized
    • On 5th of June, come and present your concept in a 5 minutes pitch
    • Total duration of the session is 45 minutes

    If you are interested in showcasing your solutions or presenting your needs, do get in touch with us and learn about our different proposals to help enhancing your business.  Do not miss this opportunity!!!

    You can contact us directly via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register.


  • Conference Venue - How to get there?

    From Manchester Airport

    By train

    The train  journey from Manchester Airport to Lancaster takes about 1h20 and costs around 25£. Book your ticket here.

    By taxi

    £75 one way
    £130 return
    Mention PSCE Conference when booking

    From London

    You may also take a train from London Euston station to Lancaster. The journay takes approximately 2.15h and will vost around 120£. Book your tickets here.

    From Lancaster Railway Station

    Once arrived in Lancaster, there is another 15 min trip by car (Uber/Taxi) to arrive at Lancaster University.

    On Campus

    Click here to download Lancaster University Campus Map
    The conference will take place at Lancaster House Hotel (LCC) on South-West Campus (GREEN).


  • Hotel reservations

    Lancaster House Hotel (2 minutes walk from the Conference Venue) offers comfortable rooms, a pool and gym, and restaurant. Prices start from £110 Bed and Breakfast. Book direct at

    Lancaster University offers basic and comfortable guest rooms at an affordable price. Please visit and book your room directly via the website.

    Two options are available: John Creed Guest Rooms (15 min from Conference Location) or Cartmel College (5 min from Conference Location) see previous section "Conference Venue - How To Get there" for map location.



  • Conference Prices

    PSCE Institutional Members: 340€*

    PSCE Individual Members: 380€*

    Non-Members: 420€*

    A detailed overview of sponsorship options is available here.

    *VAT included if VAT number available

  • Sponsors

    Motorola Solutions

                     Motorola logo

    Motorola Solutions is a global communications leader powered by a passion to invent and an unceasing commitment to advance the way the world connects. Motorola communication solutions allow people, businesses and governments to be more connected and more mobile. For more information about the company and their innovations, please visit http:


     Airbus D&S

    Airbus logo

    Airbus Defence and Space is a word leading company of PMR radio systems, terminals, control room 112 call taking, radio dispatching and applications as well as integration of PMR solutions to public safety and civil customers. Airbus Defence and Space develops, manufactures and distributes to all globally relevant today PMR technologies: TETRA, TETRAPOL and P25 radio infrastructure products as well as radio terminals for TETRA and TETRAPOL.

    Airbus Defence and Space has developed TETRAPOL standard, infrastructure and terminal products during the last 20 years. Nationwide TETRAPOL networks are in operation in France, Spain, Switzerland and Check Republic. Airbus Defence and Space provides interfaces from TETRAPOL infrastructure to connect fixed and radio dispatching terminals. Airbus Defence and Space TETRAPOL interfaces can be used to connect a TETRAPOL network to a TETRA network as well as to interface two TETRAPOL networks together with certain set of call functions. Airbus Defence and Space is working for making the European connectivity of the above nationwide networks with those, provided by other manufacturers (Motorola, Selex).

    Airbus Defence and Space has also developed over the last 15 years a comprehensive TETRA network for rich set of voice and data for multi-organisation communication, based on the European TETRA standard created by ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute). Airbus Defence and Space TETRA system is the industry leader in large TETRA networks, in functionality and scalability within TETRA systems. Airbus Defence and Space delivers complete TETRA solutions, providing end-to-end solutions from networks, network management, mobile and control room terminals and services. Over the last 10 years Airbus Defence and Space has worked together with TETRA industry and operators to develop the ETSI ISI standard. Airbus Defence and Space has implemented and released the first phase release of this standard, supporting a critical set of TETRA functionalities over the ISI interface. Airbus Defence and Space objective is to deliver full interoperability of TETRA networks to the existing European nationwide networks, delivered by Airbus Defence and Space: Sweden RAKEL, Germany BOSNET, Hungary EDTN, Finland VIRVE, Belgium ASTRID, Estonia EDR.

    More information is available at:






DRIVER+ Launches Crisis Management Innovation Network Europe

DRIVER+ (Driving Innovation in Crisis Management for European Resilience) is a project funded under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission, whose main aim is to stimulate the development and uptake of innovative Crisis Management solutions in Europe. The project has recently taken a major step with the launch of CMINE, the new Community of Practice that will foster a shared understanding in Crisis Management across Europe.

Cen Workshop Agreement : Terminologies in Crisis and Disaster Management

In crisis and disaster management two factors contribute to success:

a) having the appropriate resource available in an adequate time, at the right location and
b) the action of applying clear authority, communications and directives.

In all cases, precise and clear communication is critical. Experiences of managing large scale crisis and disasters show that not only language barriers, but also differences in the organisation, practices,
tools and resources of disaster risk management create potential for miscommunication. Moreover, use of different terms for the same parameters hampers effective information exchange. In order to provide a contextual1 enriched overview on terms and definitions published by different type of organizations such as a standardization organization or the United Nations, this document was developed as a basis for a common reference vocabulary.