Clustering Webinar on New Technologies for First Responders

PSCE, has part of the Search & Rescue project, is organising a clustering webinar gathering 7 projects on the topic of end-user requirements for first responders technologies, to take place on December 3rd 2020 in the afternoon. Around 120 partners from the consortia involved have registered. The 7 participating projects are:


The objective of the webinar is (i) to allow projects to get to know other project better and to discuss on the topic of end-user requirements (process used/challenges encountered/preliminary findings). The webinar is a closed event but resutls will be made publicly available. Stay tuned!


BroadWay – Progress Towards Operational Mobility for Public Safety

On November 27, 2020, the BroadWay innovation procurement project (pre-commercial procurement) presented its objectives and its intermediary results to the European Commission DGs: DG Echo, DG Home, DG Connect, Defis and Taxud, Agencies: Eu-Lisa, Frontex, the European GNSS Agency, and the European Investment Bank.

It was an opportunity to highlight the need for Operational Mobility for public safety and what it could achieve for PPDR in cross-border and pan-European operations.

Simultaneously as the competitive life cycle of BroadWay progresses, Member States are developing their own national strategies for the deployment of broadband for their critical communications.

The industry has also heavily invested in the development of mobile standards for Mission Critical Services and the development of the BroadWay solutions contribute to catalyse a European industrial ecosystem for PPDR.

The conjunction of these elements, as well as the intermediary results of the BroadWay solutions, currently being developed in Phase 2 (Prorotype Solution) by the 3 industrial consortia in competition, is a sign of high confidence for the success of BroadWay.

For details about the Broadway PCP’s progress, please click here:

Further details about broader PSCE activities and conferences can be found on our website:

PSCE’s next conference will be held online on 19-20 January, discussing further the topic of Space Applications for PPDR, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and how PPDR organisations are adapting to our Climate Emergency. You can register here:

Use Cases and Scenarios for Good Practitioner-led innovation in PPDR - Success of PSCE Webinar

Another PSCE Webinar successfuly took place on 20 November 2020. The Webinar titled "Use Cases and Scenarios for Good Practitioner-led innovation in PPDR" featured speakers from the University of Lancaster, Trilateral Research, the University of Munster and Exus Innovation. Some concrete solutions prepared in three EU-funded projects — STAMINA, IN-PREP and iTRACK— were presented. Both projects are pooling resources to assess best methods in effective disaster response and preparedness. More than 150 participants registered from 22 countries across Europe and beyond. After the webinar took place an interactive workshop where participants could openly discuss and exchange ideas on the webinar topic.

BroadGNSS Agreement signed by PSCE and GSA

On Friday 6th November 2020, PSCE signed a grant agreement with European GNSS Agency (GSA to coordinate the BroadGNSS Pre-Commercial Procurement programme.

BroadGNSS will procure innovative solutions for Applications, Synchronisation and Monitoring of Critical Mobile Broadband Communication Infrastructure and Information Assets for Public Protection and Disaster Recovery (PPDR) Operations.
The project brings together 3 members of a joint procurement team:
• French Ministry of Interior (lead procurer)
• Estonian Infocommunication Foundation
• Finnish Erillisverkot

supported by PSCE, and Austrian GNSS experts, OHB Digital.

This agreement provides for a total budget of €3.6Million over 40months, commencing from 1st December 2020.
€2.5Million is reserved for pre-commercial procurement of innovation solutions. This budget will be made available to industry following an open and competitive process. This challenge to industry will seek innovative solutions to apply EGNSS to further improve the overall capability of trustworthy information exchange, enabled by new broadband mobile communication.

BroadGNSS will consult key government stakeholders across Europe in order to scope the specific objectives of the PCP procurement. A Prior Information Notice will be released to initiate consultation with innovative industry to contribute their knowledge and capabilities to help our team to prepare a formal request for tender to be released later next year.

BroadGNSS will build upon the success of the BroadWay PCP, which is currently in the prototyping phase. 3 innovative prototypes are now in development to address the challenge to enable a pan-European mobile broadband system for PPDR. Prototypes are due to be evaluated in April, with interim demonstrations to the BroadWay group of procurers this month (November). These prototypes are developed under the leadership of key industry heavyweights, Airbus, Frequentis and Leonardo.

The combination of the results of BroadWay and BroadGNSS will contribute to provide improved mission critical services to public safety responders.

Details of the Pre-Commercial Procurement process can be found on the European Commission website:
For up to date information on BroadGNSS events, please refer to
For details of BroadMap and BroadWay progress, please click here,

BroadWay Prototypes Demonstrations

The second of the three-phase BroadWay PCP got underway on 6th July 2020 when the Group of Procurers awarded contracts to three consortia that met all the technical and quality requirements of the call-off competition at the end of phase 1. The consortia in phase 2 (prototype phase) are led by Airbus DS, Frequentis AG and Leonardo S.p.A.

In phase 2, each consortium has been working on their prototypes that harness the power of broadband and mobile communication to enable public safety responders to access and share information wherever they are, with assured confidence in the security, availability and continuity of their services that goes beyond state-of-the-art. In addition to bi-monthly monitoring, co-operative work with the Group of Procurers and the Practitioner Evaluation Team to refine use-cases and a common methodology, the consortia will virtually showcase the progress of their prototypes in interim demonstrations to the Group of Procurers this week (i.e. week beginning 9 November 2020).

Before phase 2 closes in spring 2021, the final prototypes will be tested and evaluated. It remains to be seen if live testing will be impacted by the Covid-19 crisis. By spring 2022 the prototypes will be refined to a market-viable product, which will be validated by the Group of Procurers against the BroadWay objectives. Keep up with developments and follow the results of the prototype phase on our project website.