Two new reports on Critical Communications IoT available

We are delighted to announce the publication of two reports on Critical Communications IoT jointly drafted by PSCE and GSMA.

Critical Communications IoT - Concepts (click to download)

This document brings together a number of Internet of Things concepts from a mission critical communications perspective, specifically on public safety, and illustrates how IoT can be used in real-world scenarios to help solve problems. This document is targeted at network operators and network and device equipment vendors. The document may also be useful for the public safety community to understand how IoT can be utilized for their own purposes.

Critical Communications IoT - Technical Analysis of Service Levels (click to download)

The document presents an overview of IoT from a critical communications perspective, encompassing public safety as well as business critical use, including a definition of the three main phases of emergency management. The document also covers the 4G and 5G network attributes and parameters required to facilitate efficient critical communications IoT via a number of sample use cases. The use cases are presented in terms of their emergency management phase and include a brief summary of each scenario. In addition, the actors, data types and network attributes associated with each scenario are also detailed in order to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the use of IoT technology in the area of critical communications. This is a technical document, intended to be used by network operators and network and device equipment vendors. The document may also be useful for the public safety community to understand how IoT can be employed for their own purposes.




BEREC Public Debriefing Video

The BEREC Public Debriefing on the outcomes of the 41st ordinary plenary meeting is available on youtube. The meeting took place on December 11th 2019. At 52.15min, PSCE Secretary-General ask two questions regarding Public Warning Systems.

New BEREC Consultation open until January 31

On December 11th a public debriefing of  BEREC took place in Brussels. Its main purpose was to present the workplan for 2020 following the inputs received by stakeholders. PSCE contributed last November to this work programme for 2020 and to the mid-term strategy.  BEREC also presented the newly issued guidelines in response to the task set in article 110(2) of the European Union Directive establishing the European Electronic Communications Code. This document aims to assist member states in assessing the effectiveness of alternative Public Warning Systems (PWS) using means of electronic communications services and includes a description of the task set in article 110(2), an interpretation of its legal scope and a proposition of exhaustive guideline of steps to conduct.

This was also the opportunity for PSCE to stress the need to take into consideration the fact that PWS are mostly run by Ministry of Interiors or Public Safety organisations which are operating in a different frame than the national regulators authorities. Therefore, the guidelines should be prepared in a constant dialogue and exchange with the authorities concerned.

A consultation is now open on these guidelines.

Public consultation for BEREC guidelines on how to assess the effectiveness of public warning systems transmitted by different means: open from 11th December 2019 to 31 January 2020. All stakeholders are invited to submit their contributions to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..