PSCE White Papers

PSCE is pleased to inform you about its new publication series called PSCE White Papers which will be published on a regular basis at least once a month.

PSCE White Papers are short reports or guides that will inform readers concisely about complex issues in the public safety communication domain. They are meant to help readers to understand an issue, solve a problem, or eventually make a decision.

PSCE White Papers are available here.

DRIVER Project: How to Talk with the Public – and What to Say

Stakeholder Message Mapping and Communication Training

Building resilience requires effective communication with the public before, during and after any major emergency – and when things go wrong bad communications practices are often part of the problem.

That’s why DRIVER has a dedicated work package on communication as part of its work on civil society resilience. The work is being undertaken by a unique multi-national partnership between public sector communications specialists (Q4PR), researchers (University of Stuttgart and TNO) and a civil protection NGO (Austrian Red Cross).

The work package runs throughout DRIVER and is currently carrying out research in two practical areas; framing effective messages for stakeholder groups and implementing training for end users on the key principles of communication for public resilience.

More information on this topic is available here:

Save the date: PSCE Conferences in Athens!

The second 2016 PSCE Conference has taken place in Athens!

  • Date: 22 November 2016 (side event), 23-24 November 2016 (conference)
  • Location: Athens, Greece
  • Preliminary programme: Border security – control & surveillance; Natural disasters; Security by Telecommunications in transport

The list of all PSCE conferences is available here.