New EU report gives a glimpse of post-horizon 2020 research priorities

A report by the EC published this week highlighting the EU’s R&D expenses and results states that, despite early technology leads, the EU has created few companies that now dominate new markets. In the last fifteen years, the EU share of the world gross expenditures in research and innovation has fallen from 25 to 20% while both its world output of scientific publications and its share of world’s patents dropped from 33% to 25%.This relative decline has incentivized the EC to find new ways of boosting its R&D competitiveness. 

Joint Meeting on Common Information Space - 28 February !

PSCE is delighted to announce that the EPISECC, SECTOR, REDIRNET and SecInCore projects are jointly organizing a meeting on Common Information Space for information sharing in disaster risk management to take place on the 28th of February, from 09:30 to 15:00, at HUSA President Park Hotel in Brussels.

The intercommunication of systems is the current predominant challenge in Public Protection & Disaster Relief (PPDR) and many see enhanced interoperability as the most effective way to improve disaster management. Aside from linguistic barriers, the lack of common taxonomies and standardized Network Enabled Communication have been identified as the two main impediments to European interoperability.

As a means of tackling these issues, the four projects respond to the European Commission call for a Common Information Space by suggesting approaches to its realization as well as collecting ideas and feedbacks from organisations that operate at the EU level.

Please click here to download a more detailed description of the event as well as the meeting agenda, and confirm your participation by an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We look forward to welcoming you at the event!

BroadMap Final Workshop - 6 April 2017 - REGISTER NOW!

PSCE has been leading the EU-funded BroadMap project aiming at establishing a core set of specifications and a roadmap for procurement, in order to achieve future evolution towards EU interoperable broadband applications and radio communication solutions.

The BroadMap consortium would like to announce the date for the Final BroadMap Workshop, to be held on 6 April 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. 

Munich Conference Topics

PSCE is delighted to announce the 4 following topics for the Munich Conference:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Redundancy & Resilience in Public Safety Communications
  • Future Broadband
  • Cyber,Physical and Social Considerations for Public Safety 

We look forward to welcoming you in Munich !