PSCE publishes position on Climate Action

PSCE has been providing critical insight into Public Safety and Disaster Response (PPDR) since 2009. Today, we commit to take action in response to the climate crisis. The PPDR sector is aware of the challenges due to climate change and PSCE supports the transformation lead by the European Commission and its “Green Deal” as well as the latest "Industry Strategy".

PSCE is eager to bring some proposals to the table in view of mobilising our industry for a clean and circular economy. Last November, the European Parliament has declared climate emergency and according to EU survey findings, 93% of EU citizens see climate change as a serious problem and 79% see it as a very serious problem.

Download our position on Climate Action through this link.

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In the face of current crises, we are increasingly in need of a unified and strong European Crisis Management Community. CMINE is an Umbrealla network gathering Crisis Management actors from different countries and different sectors. 

Currently the platform is articulated around 3 main task groups: Wildfires, Flooding and Volunteer management.

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PSCE's stance on Artificial Intelligence

PSCE has been closely following the Artificial Intelligence developments at EU level, eager to contribute and work towards its initiatives. We are prepared to work along its membership in order to meet the European targets and increase the uptake of Artificial Intelligence in Europe.

The European Commission has launched on February 19 a White Paper on “Artificial Intelligence – A European approach to excellence and trust” which is open for consultation until May 19. This document builds up on existing documents such as the “Report: Artificial Intelligence a European perspective” from 5 December 2018, the “Coordinated Plan on AI” from 7 December 2018, and the “Political guidelines for 2019-2024” launched by the new president of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.

With this White Paper, the European Commission aims to be at the forefront of the next (industrial) data wave by creating a so-called "ecosystem of excellence" and "ecosystem of trust" to boost the uptake of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and address the risks associated with certain uses of this new technology.

The White Paper on AI outlines Europe’s plans to regulate the Artificial Intelligence sector, adding to and expanding on the Commission’s aims to better prepare Europe for the digital age. Additionally, the White Paper contains the Commission’s framework for a formal regulatory body focused on AI, but doesn’t propose specific rules or laws to be adopted.

Overall, the White Paper recognises the opportunities AI presents to Europe’s digital economy and its different sectors, and presents the Commission’s vision for a coordinated approach to promoting the uptake of AI in the EU and addressing the risks associated with certain uses of AI.  


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