EU delivers report on 5G risk assessment

On 9 October, Member States, with the support of the European Commission and the European Agency for Cybersecurity, published a high-level report on the coordinated risk assessment of 5G networks identifying the main cyber threats and actors, the most sensitive assets, key vulnerabilities and a number of strategic risks.

“The security of 5G networks is and will be a top priority in the years to come as they will form the future backbone of our societies and economies, connecting billions of objects and systems, including in critical sectors such as energy, transport, banking, and health, as well as industrial control systems carrying sensitive information and supporting safety systems” as stated by Commissioner for the Security Union, Julian King, and Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society, Mariya Gabriel.

By the end of the year, a toolbox of possible responses for managing and mitigating these risks at both national and European levels is planned. This joint approach by all Member States will underpin secure roll-out of 5G networks across the European Union.

Success of the 2nd PWS Workshop in Helsinki

Second successful European workshop on Public Warning Systems, 8 October 2019, Helsinki

On October 8th, the second of a series of three workshops to support national authorities with getting it right first time by defining the policy, regulatory, standards and funding arrangements to become fully compliant with the EU Directive. This second workshop complements the first on the operational and functional requirements for the design of their national PWS. Again, we based our approach on the solid, hands-on experience and lessons learnt from other countries that have done this already.

This second workshop was hosted at the Finnish Ministry of the Interior (MoI) in Helsinki. 7 countries sent delegates along with some of the world’s leading suppliers of public warning technologies and platforms, and the European Commission’s DG “Echo”. Mr Janne Koivukoski, Deputy Director General for Finland’s Rescue Services presentedn the MoI’s plans for an effective national PWS.

DRIVER+ User Workshop 17 October

DRIVER+ is organising a User Workshop on October 17th 2019 in Brussels which provides a unique opportunity to learn and discuss how DRIVER+ products can contribute to the capability development of practitioner organisations. Crisis Management practitioners that have used the project’s outputs, as well as the DRIVER+ partners that have developed them will partake to the discussions. Through the sharing of experiences and best practices, participants will be able to explore interactively how to use and adopt the DRIVER+ products for their own purposes.

Participation is free of charge and reimbursement of travel costs is possible upon request. Registration is done through CMINE (registration needed).

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RCR Wireless News writes about BroadWay and the future of Public Safety Communications

RCR Wireless News Magaazine has published an in-depth editorial which explores the latest trends and developments in how European Union countries and the United Kingdom are meeting the challenges of critical communications, from implementing cross-border networks to the use of IoT and the status of the BroadWay Project/

The full article is available here (prior registration is needed)

A shorter article focused on BroadWay and based on an interview of BroadWay Coordinator Dr David Lund has also been published. It gives a broad picture of the development of a Pan-European Broadband Network for Public Safety, from the beginning of BroadMap to the current development and challenges of BroadWay.

The article is available in full here.