PSCE Policy Papers

This section contains all the position papers, consultations, statements, recommendations issued by PSCE.

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Joint PPDR opinion regarding RSCOM.15-42 application/pdf 113.44 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE SATCOM policy application/pdf 174.93 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Letter in Response to Report “Is Commercial Cellular Suitable for Mission Critical Broadband?” application/pdf 98.84 KB 02-16-2016
Response to the report on the future use of the UHF bank in Europe application/pdf 118 KB 02-16-2016
Report from the PSCE-TCCA seminar on the Future of communications application/pdf 172.07 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE TCCA Press Release-Critical communications users look to information-rich services of the future application/pdf 225.4 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE response to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) draft Work Programme “2014 and beyond” application/pdf 124.27 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Input to the Mandate M/487 Final Report to Establish Security Standards Submitted to the European Commission application/pdf 2.13 MB 02-16-2016
PSCE supports the NPSTC statement regarding the independent networks for mission critical voice communications application/pdf 248.2 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Response to the public consultation on "The Union's Humanitarian Aid" application/pdf 155.15 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE reaction to the Catalogue of PPDR Applications Related Requirements drafted by CEPT FM49 Project Team application/pdf 111.23 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Response to the “Improving network and information security (NIS) in the EU” Survey application/pdf 87.42 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE answer to Survey on possible research needs in Horizon 2020 application/pdf 22.37 MB 02-16-2016
PSCE Position on the "Horizon 2020" application/pdf 47.46 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Position Paper on Union Civil Protection Mechanism application/pdf 87.69 KB 02-16-2016
PPDR needs for dedicated harmonized spectrum for high speed data usage application/pdf 138.77 KB 02-16-2016
Public Consultation on Cloud Computing. PSCE Position application/pdf 123.97 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Letter to MEPs of ENVI Committee: Towards a stronger European disaster response application/pdf 131.4 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Reply to the DG ENTR’s Public Consultation on an Industrial Policy for the Security Industry application/pdf 188.6 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Position Paper on the EC Communication entitled “Towards a stronger European disaster response: the role of civil protection and humanitarian assistance” application/pdf 149.25 KB 02-16-2016
Position paper of the Forum for Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) on the proposal for a decision establishing the first radio spectrum policy programme (COM(2010)471) application/pdf 131.89 KB 02-16-2016
Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP), PSCE Letter to the Rapporteur, European Parliament application/pdf 831.18 KB 02-16-2016
Non-Paper on European Public - Private Partnership for Resilience (EP3R). PSCE position application/pdf 144.96 KB 02-16-2016
A Community approach on the prevention of natural and man-made disasters. PSCE position application/pdf 172.71 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Response to RSPG Opinion application/pdf 85.4 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Response to EC RSPP Consultation application/pdf 99.7 KB 02-16-2016
Response to Public Consultation on the Digital Dividend application/pdf 104.07 KB 02-16-2016
Exploiting the Digital Dividend – PSCE views application/pdf 96.44 KB 02-16-2016
Spectrum petition for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR). List of signatories application/pdf 89.14 KB 02-16-2016
PSCE Input to H2020 WP 2018 - 2020 application/pdf 155.55 KB 09-09-2016