Success of the Joint Meeting on CIS

The joint event that took place Tuesday 28 February at HUSA President Park on a common information space was a great success.

The 4 projects: EPISECC, SECTOR, SECINCORE & REDIRNET gathered to respond to the European Commission’s call to develop a Common Information Space (CIS). Each project presented its own conceptualization and approach of a CIS.

2017 Risk Analysis Report by FRONTEX

The Frontex Risk Analysis Report concentrates on the current scope of Frontex operational activities, which focuses on irregular migration at the external borders of the EU and Schengen Associated Countries. Central to the concept of integrated border management (IBM), border management should also cover security threats present at the external borders.

New EU report gives a glimpse of post-horizon 2020 research priorities

A report by the EC published this week highlighting the EU’s R&D expenses and results states that, despite early technology leads, the EU has created few companies that now dominate new markets. In the last fifteen years, the EU share of the world gross expenditures in research and innovation has fallen from 25 to 20% while both its world output of scientific publications and its share of world’s patents dropped from 33% to 25%.This relative decline has incentivized the EC to find new ways of boosting its R&D competitiveness.